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Outplacement is carried out through a dedicated platform

We welcome you with kindness and professional efficiency to our outplacement offer, in order to transform a delicate situation into an opportunity for growth, development, and above all, success.

With our ‘personalized’ approach, we accompany you on your journey so that you always feel supported, guided, and understood.

The plus of our executive outplacement


A coaching approach that is essential to the client's support and to the unfolding and definition of his project.


Great expertise in the three major stages of outplacement: the stage where the individual becomes aware and accepts that a professional situation has come to an end, the stage where we carry out an assessment of his skills and we define his professional project, and finally, the stage where we implement the project.


A deep understanding of what is at stake during an outplacement, which is a delicate transition.


Recruitment expertise, which is essential for the last stage of outplacement (writing a CV and a cover letter, interview simulations and techniques, etc.)