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Training for Lawyers

We work in partnership with the Paris Bar Association and the Entrepreneurial Bar to offer training for lawyers.

We also work in partnership with jurimanagement.

Our training sessions are designed to closely support you in the practice of your profession.

We offer the following courses:

  • How to succeed in your first 100 days?
  • Skills assessment: a tool to answer professional queries
  • Learning to set boundaries to increase commercial efficiency
  • How to choose a partner?
  • How to manage your time?
  • How to develop your commercial action?
  • Invoice Management
  • Preparing to become a partner
  • Learning how to recruit
  • Learning how to conduct annual reviews
  • Fundamentals of management (8 sessions of 2 hours each)
  • The role of coaching in a firm
  • How to evolve your professional activity / guide your professional choices?
  • Succeeding in professional integration {duration: 8h | designed for M2 students}

Training for Bar Presidents
We have participated in the summer university of bar presidents on the theme: “Is a bar president just another manager?”.

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Corporate Training

Our training sessions contribute to support and skills development.

We employ our creativity and expertise in the covered fields to design and develop customized training sessions. We have gained particular expertise in designing impactful training in short formats, especially suited to busy schedules.

We are committed to the trainer-coach approach that allows participants to take charge of their training, thus making it easier to absorb the course content.

We offer the following courses:

  • Prepare and conduct an annual evaluation interview
  • Prepare and conduct a recruitment interview
  • Enhance commercial efficiency
  • Better stress management
  • Better time management

 The plus of Deinceps


Trainings designed by professionals in the field


Training about topics relevant to your daily life


Short formats which could be read during lunchtime, adapted to hectic schedules


We design tailor made trainings for you


Training provided by certified trainer-coaches

Deinceps is member of the GIE Management Academy