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«I was uncertain regarding my professional situation, the skills assessment proved to be the appropriate tool to help me move forward and determine the direction that was best for me to follow. William Cargill’s professionalism and personalized guidance, through relevant exercises, enabled me to identify my skills and find the drive needed to develop my professional project. »

Alexandra B. 

«I underwent a skills assessment with Stéphanie starting in October 2020. From the very first contact, I could see the added value of working with Deinceps for me because their knowledge of the legal profession allows them to better understand the context of the request, in my opinion. I felt understood without any preconceived notions. Stéphanie is an active listener, neutral, she rephrases everything you say, which allowed me to progress at my own pace. I observed a constant adaptation to my needs, and the creative exercises she suggested, while giving me a lot of freedom, helped me overcome obstacles and apprehensions. For me, the skills assessment was tailor-made. I was like behind a closed door that I didn’t dare to open, and I was able to open it gradually. It feels like the door is open now, and I can concretely explore all the possibilities. »

Aurélie C. 

«My skills assessment with William was a highly enriching experience, both professionally and personally. This was due to the attentive approach he demonstrated, his great kindness, and his ability to analyze and understand others. He helped me progress with patience, respect, and humility.» 

Valérie C.

« I embarked on a skills assessment thanks to the recommendation of a friend, without really believing in it and with a negative bias. Within the first 10 minutes of the first session, I realized that Stéphanie had a lot of experience and offered a personalized, serious, and delicate guidance. I was surprised by the pertinence of her insights and her kindness. This experience pushed me to ask myself the right questions about my career choices, explore my desires and motivations, and above all, begin to build my self-confidence. Coincidence or causality, I submitted an application during the coaching, and I accepted the offer that was made to me! »

Claire A. 

«The skills assessment I conducted with William was beneficial in many ways. Not only did it help me ask myself the right questions to reposition myself professionally, but it also gave me the opportunity to carry out a genuine introspection that was greatly beneficial on a personal level. William knows how to listen and guide his interlocutor perfectly. Our exchanges were very enriching and constructive. He helped me understand who I was and gave me the keys to a successful change my career. »

Carine V.

«The skills assessment carried out with Stéphanie allowed me to change my perspective on my professional issues and overcome the stumbling blocks, some of which were personal, that were hindering my progress and making decisive choices for my future professional life. The tools used helped me refine my self-awareness and identify my strengths and skills in order to make the most of them. A beneficial approach to regain self confidence and move forward!»

Armelle F. 

« The skills assessment carried out with Stéphanie was of great help in assisting me to make the changes I wanted in the way I practice law. Stéphanie consistently guided me to delve deep into my thoughts and my way of thinking, enabling me to make informed decisions based on career objectives and in a more serene manner. Stéphanie is very attentive and provides relevant advice at each stage of the assessment. »

Sabrina L. 

«I had the opportunity to meet William Cargill and his team during a recruitment process as I was undergoing a rather radical change in my professional direction. William seemed to have a deep understanding of the markets, in which Deinceps operates, enabling him to comprehend the expectations of both candidates and potential employers. A structured and transparent approach seemed to characterize William’s evaluation of the application. He then ensured a follow-up that was both professionally rigorous and very friendly of my case, throughout a particularly lengthy process.

His insightful listening, honesty, and humor led me to entrust him with my individual training budget. In this case too, William proved to be perfectly capable of identifying important subjects and proposing intelligent and pragmatic solutions. His methods are diverse and varied, and he adjusts them very methodically to his client’s needs. A high-quality personalized service that I strongly recommend.» 

Sabine-Anne F. 

« What better profile to coach teams of lawyers than that of William Cargill? His excellent understanding of the profession gives him immediate understanding of the challenges of our field, all while maintaining the necessary distance and perspective to evaluate our actions. His strong engagement encourages the spontaneous expression of each individual’s potential and highlights the factors that unite a team. Diverse real-life scenarios, discussions, and shared reflection on the challenges of our practice help redefine the strengths and priorities of the team, to highlight its common values, and to enhance determination to bring out the best in each member of the team.» 

Marc de M.

Building trust, simplicity, and healthy provocation. These are three aspects of William’s coaching that allowed me to go beyond my current limitations.

Gilles C.

“This skills assessment was necessary for me at a point in my professional life when I was trapped in a given situation and struggling to make effective choices about my desires and needs.

Thanks to this assessment, I was able to define my objectives and, most importantly, benefit from the tools to achieve them, especially by gaining a better understanding of my professional personality. 

Ghizlen M.

A skills assessment provides a unique perspective and support when defining or embarking on a new professional project, different from the insights offered by close friends and family. Through the 6 sessions of the assessment, I identified what truly mattered to me in my professional life. It was an opportunity to take stock and contemplate professional options that resonated with my career path and my wishes. I highly recommend William Cargill for his excellent listening skills and his relevant choice of exercises and tools.

Sarah J.

The skills assessment prompted me to question my real motivations to completely change my career path and ultimately led me to consider more feasible directions for me, considering my professional experience and my desire to not completely turn everything upside down. The skills assessment also made me aware of certain aspects of my personality.

Juliette M.

The skills assessment is an enriching experience, regardless of age, profession, or the direction you wish to take in your career.

 I really appreciated the quality of the discussions I had with William Cargill, he is open-minded, he doesn’t judge, and he has the ability to find the positive in every situation. 

He taught me to analyze situations where I benefited from resources, skills, and support to progress. It also helped me identify my character traits and understand that these are skills that should be exploited.

 I strongly recommend this approach»

Emmanuelle L. 

I reached out to William Cargill because I was at a turning point in my life, both professionally and personally. I felt that I needed a different perspective on myself to navigate this transition. William Cargill skillfully helped me find this new angle, gently but without concession. I recognize the progress I’ve made and frequently recall the exercises and advice he gave me, which continues to be beneficial.» 

Nathalie P.
At the beginning of our sessions, I felt lost. Throughout them, I learned about myself and others. Most importantly, and this is paramount, I (re)discovered myself. I emerged with regained confidence and personalized tools to manage what lies ahead  of me! Thank you, William, for listening to me, for guiding me on this path, and for giving me the keys to continue.
Audrey M.