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1 – Coach’s responsibilities

1-1 – Practice of Coaching

The coach draws on his training, experience, and supervision to confidently take on this role.

1-2 – Confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount for the coach.

1-3 – Supervision

Every coach needs supervision in their professional journey. At Deinceps, coaches have a designated place for that.

1-4 – Respect for Individuals

The coach knows the power of his position and ensures he never misuses it.

1-5 – Commitment to Deliver

The coach uses every tool at his disposal to help the person being coached grow, both professionally and personally. If needed, he won’t hesitate to collaborate with a colleague.

1-6 – Declining an Assignment

Sometimes, a coach might need to turn down an opportunity, whether due to the organization’s specifics, the client’s situation, or personal reasons. But don’t worry, a colleague will always be suggested for continued coaching.

2 -Coach’s duties towards the coachee

2-1 – Coaching Location

The coach should always be mindful of the implications and impact of the coaching session’s venue.

2-2 – Decision-making Responsibility

Coaching is a tool for personal and professional growth. Therefore, the coach ensures that the coachee remains fully responsible for their own decisions.

2-3 – Stated Requests

When an organization sponsors coaching, there are two levels of requests: one from the organization and the other from the individual being coached. The coach acknowledges and validates the coachee’s request.

2-4 – Individual’s Well-being

The coach tailors his approach, respecting the developmental stages of the coachee.

3 – Coach’s duties towards the organization

3-1 – Protecting Organizations

The coach pays close attention to the profession, practices, culture, context, and constraints of the organization he serves.

3-2 – Reporting to the Client

The coach can only report back to the client within the boundaries set with the coachee.

3-3 – Balancing the System

Coaching aims to harmonize the interests of both the coachee and their organization.

4 – Coach’s duties towards his colleagues

4-1 – Discretion

The coach maintains a discreet and reserved attitude concerning his colleagues.